Quantum Huddle Seminar Series

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Mondays at 12:00 Boston (9:00 Los Angeles, 18:00 Paris)

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We aim to bring scientists together from fields that are seemingly unrelated but are dedicated to the goals of controlling and exploiting quantum systems. We hope to establish contact between these fields and spark a discussion about topics that we know from our respective perspectives but now introduced in an interdisciplinary light.

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Past and Future Talks


Chitro Chakarborty is a postdoc at Harvard who has found a real job that pays real money! 👏

Derek Wang is a PhD student at Harvard who’s interested in quantum optics and quantum chemistry.

Kade Head-Marsden is a postdoc at Harvard who chemistries, runs, and climbs fast.

Stefan Krastanov is a postdoc at MIT and Harvard. He likes quantum control and ice cream (details on favorite flavors forthcoming).

Tomáš Neuman is a physics postdoc at Harvard who would like to be flying.


Quantum Huddle is supported by grants from the DoE and NSF.